Pineapple Dreams

by Wake Up Flora

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released October 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Wake Up Flora Spokane, Washington

Kyle Siegel: Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting.

Taylor Roff: Drums, Percussion

Ian Nelson: Bass

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Track Name: Pineapple Dreams
You could say that it's been years,
since I've seen what it means to shed some tears.
No shame, no distaste, no fears.
Only warmth and truth, sincere.

In the end the love I seek,
The only love I gain,
Is channeling out river beds,
and it all flows into the same place...

To suffer is a choice,
and we've all got decisions to make.
To escape dead faith,
light a candle and lead the way...
Track Name: Free your Self
"I'm not confused, there's no way.
I know what I've got to do,
So I'll swim around this mess,
With my mind and my time in suspense.

I just want to share my joy...

You can free yourself.
It starts with you and no one else...
If we can learn to be,
Then our selfish ways will become selfless, and this could save us...

I've got my bruises just like she, and him, and you. And we are all connected through it...
With our light, we can find the way.
As one, with some help from the music,
We've got the strength to power through.

I just want to share my joy.
Feel the love from my heart, overpouring.
Track Name: Closed Eyes
I'm floating in to the abyss again,
And I can't describe all the love that I found when I closed my eyes.
And the clouds roll in and i'm lost in bliss.
Gotta come back down, and play dead for a while.

The point is this; I'm just human,
And I make mistakes.
It makes my day, it makes my day.

I've been cast away to the lonely state of my consciousness,
And I'm here to stay.
'Cause I like this place, there's no more hate.
Just love inside, that I find when I close my eyes.

You might think you know me, but I don't have a name.
You might think you know me, and I feel the same.
I feel the same.