Live at The Big Dipper

by Wake Up Flora

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Enjoy our set from Spokanes' Volume Music Festival...


released June 11, 2016

A big thanks to Jason Dempsey and The Big Dipper.



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Wake Up Flora Spokane, Washington

Kyle Siegel: Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting.

Taylor Roff: Drums, Percussion

Ian Nelson: Bass

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Track Name: "Life's Just Fine" -Live at The Big Dipper-
I am listening for her, she speaks to me.
Truth is intertwined with her breath, it flows from the leaves.
Inhale every little bit of wisdom, and exhale every cloud, dissolving confusion.
I could never be the lost sheep, the lion in me always knows where to go.

I don't know if it's just me, but life's just fine, or maybe I'm just high?
I'm living free, and you don't need to tell me that I'm not alright,
Because my life is mine, and I'm just fine...

I'm not running away, just walking slowly, to find her in the wilderness, amongst mountains and valleys.
There's a story to tell, and there's another to read.
I am learning how to speak, simply by listening.
I could never be the lost sheep, the lion in me always knows where to go...
Track Name: "Vibe the Blues Away" -Live at The Big Dipper-
I am now finding my roots, and I can remember being a child.
I would make sounds with my mouth, replicating sounds of nature, and sounds of song.
Now I'm learning why through life's trials just what I've been living to figure out.
I've been okay, until recently, because I've found a voice and it says;

With the power of music, I can heal any pain.
I can sing through it, I can vibe my blues away.
Because nothing else matters, so souls let's dance tonight...

Let this breathe into you, let this sink into you; that we all have ways to escape this.
Whether it may be digging deep, or climbing that tree.
Climb that tree. Either way, up is down and down is up.
Either way...

I've been okay, until recently. Because I've found a voice and it says...
Yes, I've found my voice and it says...
Track Name: "Free Yourself" -Live at The Big Dipper-
I'm not confused...There's no way. I know what I've got to do.
So, I'll swim around this mess with my mind, and my time in suspense.
I just want to share my joy...

You can free yourself.
It starts with you, and no one else.
If we can learn to be, then our selfish ways will become selfless,
And this could save us.
This could save us...

I've got my bruises, just like she, and him, and you.
We're all connected through it, and with our light we can find the way.
And as one, with some help from the music,
We've got the strength to power through.

I just want to share my joy.
Feel the love from my heart, over pouring...